AIMÉ De'Magic Treatment Lipbalm - mini size
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Brand AIME
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
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AIMÉ De'Magic Treatment Lipbalm - sample size
Recommended for:
If you have a dark dull lips that you need to cover up with colour lipstick? 
If you wear colour lipstick and have a dry lips? 
If you have cracked peeled lips and cant use any products that you've bought from store? 
If you have none of the above, you still need nutrients to rejuvenate your lips? 
This is our house own formulae and handcrafted by natural ingredients. It moists lips and provide natural pink shade. You will have soft pink lips after apply the lipbalm. After long use, it helps lighten the dark pigments of lips. 
It is richs with cherry extract which provides good nutrients to our lips; carotene and honey beewax that protects and moisture lips; vitamin E helps as anti - oxidant & free radical, refining lines and reduce pigments. 
Day use - Suitable for day use as it provides natural pink shade. Can skip colour lipstick or can be use as a base before colour lipstick. 
Night use - apply thick layer before sleep especially if you sleep in aircon room to moisture lips and let the nutrients in the lipbalm to absorb into lips during the sleep. 
 Treatment use - use Lipscrub to clear dead cell, apply lipbalm in think layer, cover with transparent plastic wrap, gently massage and remove the wrap. (optional - this is if you wish to have better result of the treatment)